#TekaShi69 and crew involved in brawl at Los Angeles’ LAX airport! [vid]


Not quite sure HOW TMZ manages to capture all this FOOTAGE, but they do!

Teka$hi69, also known as 6ix9ine, was involved in a brawl at Los Angeles’ LAX airport(February 23).

Based on video footage from TMZ, it appears the rapper was already entering the terminal when he saw a member of his crew engaged in a face-to-face argument with a man who’d hopped out of his car. (The passenger of the vehicle can be seen attempting to record the forthcoming incident on his phone.)

Teka$hi then tries to place himself within the looming fight, but is pushed and pulled back into the airport by another one of his crew members.

According to TMZ “police raced to the scene and interviewed people on both sides” and “no one wanted to press charges so everyone went on their merry way.”


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