SPLITSVILLE! #TishaCampbell files for DIVORCE from #DuaneMartin after over 20 years of marriage! [details]



Looks like another CELEBRITY COUPLE has bitten the DUST!! Tisha Campbell just announced that after over 20 years of marriage, she has filed for DIVORCE from Duane Martin!!


She does not say WHY or what BROKE the marriage, but this comes as a SHOCK because we have never HEARD of any discord between the TWO. But some people are good at KEEPING SECRETS. We DO know that Campbell was recently seen COZIED up with her ‘Martin’ co-star, Martin Lawrence and those two have patched up their RIFT. AND around the net we have seen Tisha POP, DROP and LOCKING it trying to REIGNITE her MUSIC career, so…who KNOWS. Growing pains, perhaps, or maybe there is some INFIDELITY afoot? We don’t know….YET, but we are DEFINITELY trying to FIND OUT!! HOLD ON..let me get to being NOSEY!

Story developing….



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