14-year old lawn-mowing ENTREPRENEUR making HONEST MONEY! *Update* [vid]


This has circulated around social media for a minute, but it BEGS to be REVISTED!  Check out 14 year old Daron, who made a BUSINESS of mowing lawns.  He came up with an INGENIOUS way transport his equipment to get to his jobs. A young MIND in action making an HONEST living using his hands and his MIND!  Take a LOOK!

This WARMS my heart. A young man making a living for himself. He is not robbing, or waiting for a hand-out. But he came up with a WAY to make his job easier and make money too. At this age he would be all on social media causing MAYHEM, but instead he isn’t even on the popular apps doing what kids do. He is on the computer making his business cards to grow his BUSINESS. And he is setting s positive role model for his little brother at the same time. You HAVE to tip your hat to that!

I hope this reaches many people, and that this young man is BLESSED beyond his wildest dreams.

Daron Taylor has made an IG page and has a GOFUNDME account if you wish to DONATE to help keep his LAWNCARE SERVICE going!



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