#TSMadison responds to #Khia’s #GagOrder claims! Says she is NOT a THIEF! [vid]


The DUELING COURT wars continue.  Khia has started her new show, ‘Gag Order’ and continues to RUN DOWN hwo her partnership with social media sensation, TS Madison went awry.  There were some CLAIMS of ‘THIEVERY’ at the hands of Madison, so she was QUICK to pull out ‘RECEIPTS’ for all claims and allegations and to let it be known just what the state of ‘The Queen’s Court’ is!  Check out her RESPONSE to Khia!


Now I know I am ‘late to the table’ on these shows, but this DRAMA seems to ‘keep on giving’ so we are going to FOLLOW it. From MY UNDERSTANDING, TS MAdison was the one INSTRUMENTAL in getting the brand ‘The Queens Court’ LEGITIMIZED. MEANING, she put up the BAG. So, by right and her RECEIPTS she presented, she ‘OWNS’ ‘The Queen’s Court’ because she paid the MONEY. If Khia was on her business and had been doing this ‘for years’ as she is saying, the BRAND would have been COPYWRITTEN before now–ie BEFORE she LINKED with TS Madison. Am I right? You can not STEAL what is already SECURE. Had Khia done this YEARS ago, we wouldn’t be TALKING about this now. But to protect the PAIR, Madison thought it WISE to trademark the brand and since Khia didn’t have or didn’t want to DROP some DOLLARS on the TABLE, then by right, Madison owns it.

CORRECT ME IF I’M WRONG? It just seems like a BIG MESS, TWO SHOWS, no clear division of who owns what and when and why. TO ME, they are BOTH confusing the brand by going on TOUR together like it’s all good, then going back and forth on Monday about who’s show is WHOM’S. Just a BALL OF CONFUSION as the Temptations sang… But at least the two have ‘LOVE’ for each other not to go LIVE with their shows at the SAME TIME. TS Madison’s version of ‘The Queen’s Court’ comes on at 10pm I believe and Khia’s comes on at 8pm… SO… Hmmmph. We shall se what the next chapter is on this one…


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