#MichaelBJordan LOSES a bet to #LupitaNyongo-must do PUSH-UPS on COMMAND! [vid]


‘The Black Panther’ cast are still making the ROUNDS on the MEDIA circuit, and at every stop, you can TELL that this CAST supports and cares for each other in a very FAMILY-LIKE way.  Michael B. Jordan and Lupita Nyong’o were recently BACKSTAGE at ‘The View’, and APPARENTLY Jordan lost a BET to Lupita, which REQUIRED to do PUSH-UPS whenever she COMMANDED him to!  Did he take losing in STRIDE!!?  Well, he had no CHOICE!  Look at Lupita COMMAND Michael to GET DOWN and ‘give me 20’!

Well it wasn’t 20, but we are sure he could knock 20 PUSH-UPS out with NO PROBLEM–look at his ARMS!!

At least he took LOSING in GOOD SPIRITS, right!


‘Black Panther’ is in THEATERS NOW!!


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