Dueling ‘COURTS’? #Khia RETURNS with a new show, #GagOrder-ROASTS #FunkyDineva, #TSMadison & more! [vid]


OK the COURT is now BACK from RECESS..it seems, but WHICH courtroom are you sitting in?  Khia is BACK, solo this time and introduces another ‘Queen’s Court’ show, ‘Gag Order’.  Khia discusses her ‘Queen’s Court LIVE’ tour, namely the SHOW from this past weekend in D.C. with Madison.  It appeared that is was ALL LOVE then, but today, seems like they are BACK on opposite sides.  There are DUELING courts–Khia’s show AIRS at 8 pm, while TS Madison’s version of ‘Queen’s Court’ airs at 10. At least they RESPECTFULLY aren’t going LIVE simultaneously.

At any rate, Khia discusses a NUMBER of things–the reason why she was LATE to the D.C. set.  She also ROASTS Funky Dineva AGAIN, and also has a FEW choice words for TS Madison as well–accuses her of STEALING!  Take a LOOK at Khia’s LATEST version of ‘Queen’s Court’ after the JUMP!



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