#BlacChyna’s LATEST #SexTape LEAKS! [vid]


Blac Chyna is not ONE to be SHY! In this LATEST sex tape, she CLEARLY is anything but! We are not sure who the GUY is in the VIDEO, but we know it’s NOT Rob!

The video shows Chyna performing oral sex on the mystery man. His face is never shown, but you can hear his voice. Chyna’s face is very clear when it’s not being hidden by … y’know … genitalia. The 1 minute, 23 seconds long clip was first posted early Monday morning by an anonymous Twitter account, and appears to have been shot by the guy.

Sources are saying the man in the video is Tyga.

We CAN’T post the picture HERE, but you can SLIDE ON OVER to our TUMBLR page to get UP CLOSE and PERSONAL with CHYNA! Click HERE for the VID



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