OUT SICK? #WendyWilliams ABRUPTLY cancels live shows! Gives HEALTH UPDATE! [vid]


WOKE UP and ‘The Wendy Williams’ show was in RERUNS…already. Wait, didn’t she just return from HIATUS? Was she preempted by The Olympics? No, Wendy is SICK…reports say, but some are calling FOUL. Whatever the REASON is, the daytime MAVEN has CANCELED tapings of her POPULAR talk show for the rest of the week! She did take time to offer an UPDATE on her health though!

“Its not the flu yet, but I feel flu-ish,” she said in an Instagram video on Wednesday. “It’s not a five on a scale of one to five, it’s not even a four.”

She looked like she was doing fine as she sipped on something wearing her fave comfy robe and turban.

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A spokesperson for “The Wendy Williams Show” told Page Six on Wednesday morning that she was “experiencing flu-like symptoms,” and had decided to take the rest of the week off. Reruns are airing in place of live shows. “I feel awful, I had to be talked out of going into work today, and taking off a few days to get myself together,” said Williams, calling herself a “thoroughbred” and referring to her days on the radio when she refused to take a sick day. “I took the proper vacation time, but take off sick? What? No, never.” While some, like us are wishing her a SPEEDY recovery from whatever it is that’s ailing her, some CRITICS are calling foul. Some are linking her ALLEGED cheating husband as the cause of her ‘illness’.



Wendy RARELY misses her talk show and her gigs. This is a HARDWORKING WOMAN. Even if her husband is a cheater or whatever–SO WHAT? That’s her BUSINESS. IF it is true.. It will come out and she will deal with it, talk about it and keep going, like most people. I just want to hear her stance on the HOT TOPICS, so I hopes she gets well SOON and RETURNS to the PURPLE CHAIR on Monday!


See you on Monday!


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