Moods & Moments: #Sza ‘The Weekend’ [vid]

 A Love Bizarre


Sent the text early
Well thought out
Calculated for success
The bubbles never showed up
No response yet.
Just wait.
It will be worth the time…

One word is the
Read between the lines
But you read outside the lines
Contextual versus factual
The narrative is yours to create.

*read the rest after the JUMP!

Typing again.
The bubbles form
Eager are you
To see if they will come through
Alas, something has come up again
Plans dashed.
Alone again
But Saturday will be here quick
You are sure to make time then

This is so wreckless
I wish I could stress less
Waiting for time
And the time is now
The time is mine
Just like the last time
It was quick
But worth the wait

You tell yourself that each time.
Waiting to get in to play
Left on the cooling board
Never a priority
But a convenience
Just a thought
Then a mad dash to the finish line.

It’s going to be better this time you say
Marking time in place
Making a rut
Going nowhere fast.

On the shelf
Dusted off when the other shiny boibles
Fade for the moment
The time is yours
Long as we got love
A love bizarre
Like running with weights on a treadmill
This won’t get very far.
Who’s turn it’s my turn, then their’s
Or is my warped schedule in disarray
I could’ve sworn
It was the day.
But not every Thursday
When time permits
Allow if you wish
Cooked him the food
Make sure you save my dish
It’s a set and I don’t want to break the pair.
But it’s a;ready broke
Cracked on the left side
But still
I use.
Feeling abused.
But not of the physical
Not even the traditional
But a different kind.
Waiting for the time to be mine.

Don’t let your door
Be a revolving one.
Don’t let this chapter repeat.
Get the full meal this time
Keep the receipt.
You are worthy
Of better than this.
That has gotten you no where thus far.
You are worthy of more.

It’s the day after.

Now is it still so pretty?
It’s all discounted now
Half off for quick sale.
——-Zam Zhinga

Just a little something that came to mind while listening to Sza’s ‘The Weekend’…..It’s the DAY AFTER…Now is it still pretty?

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