#TheQueensCourt DRAMA! #Khia NOT returning to the show! AIRS OUT #TSMadison & #FunkyDineva! TS RESPONDS! [vid]

khia-leaves QueensCourt-thegamutt
In case you MISSED it, there are DUELING videos out from the HOSTS of the POPULAR online show, ‘The Queen’s Court’. Khia released her video giving HER SIDE of the MELTDOWN that occurred when she and TS Madison TRIED to interview Mo’Nique. In the video, Khia CONFIRMS she would NOT be returning to the show in its PRESENT form after she STORMED OUT mid-show the last time. She also had some CHOICE little jabs towards her FORMER co-host TS Madison and even more jabs for her rumored replacement–Funky Dineva! She insinuates that Dineva is on DRUGS among a number of other unsavory things. The drama CONTINUES as TS Madison releases a video explaining HER side of the DRAMA.


Khia GOES IN HARD on Mo’Nique, the ‘production crew’ that MESSED up the Mo’Nique interview, and Funky Dineva! Take a LOOK! In a nutshell, Khia says the show should have STAYED the way it was..all the CHANGES and all the ‘HANDS IN THE POT’ was just too MUCH!” Khia says ‘The Queen’s Court’ WILL go on, because SHE IS ‘THE QUEEN’S COURT’!  I told you guys there was MORE to the STORY then some BAD AUDIO and LIGHTING…Khia LAYS IT ALL OUT—RAW!

TS Madison responds:


FROM THE LOOKS OF THINGS…it appears that there is SOME hope that the TWO can come back together. BUT AS OF RIGHT NOW, it’s still to ROUGH to tell just what is going to HAPPEN. STAY TUNED!!

KHIA ia MAD right now…but the dust will settle…maybe…


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