#CardiB PREGNANT!? Is she or isn’t she? Let’s DISCUSS! [details]


Cardi B is TRENDING for all the RIGHT THINGS lately–breaking records, Super Bowl, music, etc. AND she is KILLING it at New York Fashion Week, sitting next to Anna Wintour and such. But is she WITH CHILD is the question! The INNANET has been BUZZING all day that Cardi B is PREGNANT with her and Offset’s CHILD!

But is she? TMZ is reporting that she is…but although TMZ got ears and EYES all over the PLACE, sometimes when it comes to stories that are of the URBAN kind, they tend to get it WRONG or DRAW a conclusion without ALL the facts taken into consideration–I’M JUST SAYING…

TMZ reports: “CARDI B: Her Team Telling People SHE’S PREGNANT!!!”

One of Cardi’s reps then said she didn’t want to be in a “party atmosphere” and preferred to stay in the area by the stage and drink Fiji water. The rep then told the staffer Cardi was 3 to 4 months pregnant.

The singer previously used Instagram to debunk pregnancy rumors, responding to a comment last week with “No bitch I’m just getting fat. Let me fat in peace.” (HER OWN WORDS-NO TYPOS FROM US…LOL)

Let’s hope that she is NOT pregnant…at least not right now. Cardi’s CAREER is has the TRAJECTORY to go REALLY FAR, really fast right now. Having a BABY may DERAIL that momentum she currently has. Now if GOD blesses you with something, sometimes plans and TIMING go out the WINDOW, but if she can AVOID getting KNOCKED UP right now, it may BENEFIT her CAREER? But IF SHE IS, she can make it work…kinda. We’ve seen MANY a GREAT SUPER HERO woman juggle pregnancy with CAREER. Beyonce- prime example…BEY was PREGNANT during her whole PROMO PUSH for her ‘4’ album… we didn’t even KNOW.. SHE was a VISION in all the shots WE the MERE MORTALS saw. She even played up her GROWING baby bump for videos and PROMO for the ALBUM….but then again, that’s Bey. She is ALREADY established. Serena Williams was PREGNANT when she won her last GRAND-SLAM…i do believe. But then again, that’s SERENA… So it remains to be seen if Cardi can HANDLE all that. She is ALREADY perturbed when the HATERS and CRITICS have NEGATIVE things to say about her in the BLOGS and social media and she is JUST REALLY getting STARTED. imagine the SCRUTINY when this MACHINE really gets MOVING.


But back to the matter, Cardi has not really CONFIRMED or fully DENIED being PREGNANT. EARLIER today, (Wednesday- 2-14-18) she showed up to a Marc Jacobs fashion week event in a colorful gown with a STRATEGICALLY PLACED bow right around her stomach. Either she is HIDING a bump or playing up to the RUMOR MILL… EITHER WAY.. nice job Cardi…we’re still talking and wondering… in few more weeks all will be REVEALED…until then, let’s KEEP looking at her STOMACH and talking.


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