Rumor Has It.. #TheQueensCourt returns in March..minus one ‘QUEEN’? [details]


Fans of the POPULAR Facebook LIVE show, ‘The Queen’s Court’ were DISAPPOINTED this past Monday, when the LIVE feed was…DEAD.  That’s right, after the on-camera MELTDOWN [in case you MISSED it REVISIT it HERE] from last week, the ‘QUEENS’ were not in their COURT as usual.  BUT RUMOR HAS IT, the show is RETURNING with an ALL NEW SWAG in March…but they maybe SHORT one ‘QUEEN’?

This is what’s CIRCULATING around FACEBOOK from the TS Madison:



Is Khia coming back for SEASON 2?  WHY WOULDN’T SHE?  I mean, what else is she doing?  TRUTH OF THE MATTER, from what I researched, TS Madison COULD go on SOLO or bring in someone else and the SHOW would go on… but I think the FANS have gotten USED to these two and their SHENANINGANS so, we shall see… I mean, she can’t quit her ONE and ONLY job, right?  But stranger things have happenend.

TUNE in 3-19-18 to an all new RE-VAMPED show…so they say.

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