#WillSmith PROVES he knows the words to La Bamba! [vid]


Will Smith on SOCIAL media has got to be one of the BEST things to happen since… WELL, since DJ Khalid took social media by storm. The short time Smith has been on Instagram he has already amassed 8.5 MILLION followers with just over 60 posts. He always posts the most ENTERTAINING and and interesting aspects of his life.

Most recently, Will posted him with a steel drum and some musicians playing and singing to ‘La Bamba’!

Some FANS TROLLED Will for not knowing the words to the song. BUT IN WILL SMITH FASHION, he PROVES to the ‘HATERS’ that he INDEED does know the WORDS!


THERE YOU HAVE IT… isn’t he like everybody’s FAVORITE UNCLE? GOtta love WILL SMITH…if you are not FOLLOWING him, you are MISSING OUT!


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