MAG TAG: #MaryJBlige is a VISION for ‘New York’ mag! [pics]


Mary J. Blige is a VISION on the UPCOMING edition of ‘New York’ magazine!

“I learned that I’m a powerful woman because I don’t have to say much to be heard.”




The first time Mary J. Blige saw herself onscreen in Mudbound, it made her cry. She’d become someone else, someone unrecognizable, yet — and she had to be told this at first — someone undeniably beautiful: Florence Jackson, a sharecropper’s wife in Jim Crow Mississippi who navigated the narrow path allowed for her life, seeing much but saying little. “The great surprise at Sundance was that people didn’t know it was her until the credits rolled,” says the film’s director, Dee Rees.

And now Blige is up for an Academy Award for the portrayal, so different from that other character she’s spent 25 years creating and, in a way, hiding inside: the bling-armored, blonde-wigged, Grammy-laden “Queen of Hip-Hop Soul.”


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