#KylieJenner accidentally on purpose REVEALS 1st footage of #ChicagoWest!? [vid]

chicago-west-kim-kardashian-1st pic-thegamutt

Was it calculated or sheerly accidental, but it appears that Kylie Jenner has revealed the FIRST photos of her niece Chicago West, while revealing her OWN pregnancy!  It get’s confusing, so follow me here.

Kylie has had us in the DARK for over 5 months about whether she was pregnant or not etc.  WE ALL KNEW, it’s just that she was not giving us DAY TO DAY updates on her life as she USUALLY does on SOCIAL MEDIA.  Her baby daddy was being VAGUE as well.  SO FAST FORWARD to the 1st of FEBRUARY, Kylie gives birth!  BAMMM, now she is back to SHARING HER LIFE!  In a MONTAGE about her pregnancy and her JOURNEY, SHE REVEALS a CLIP of her HOLDING her new niece, Chicago West!!!

DID YOU SEE IT. Now we know The Kardashians RARELY make moves that are not CALCULATED. Kris Jenner does not MOVE LIKE that.. So what this on purpose or just the TIP OF THE ICEBERG for some DIABOLICAL KARDASHIAN UPRISING!? We will have to wait. But we know one thing, Ryan Seacrest (EP of KUWTK) is on SPEED DIAL and the E! cameras are ROLLING!


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