WATCH: #ChildishGambino collaborates with Microsoft to bring #VR experience of #PHAROS to life! [vid]


This is an EXPERIENCE like no OTHER!! Childish Gambino again is PUSHING the envelope and bringing us something NEW and INNOVATIVE!

[via Microsoft]

The event, dubbed “PHAROS,” is a collaboration with Microsoft that works with any mobile phone and some VR headsets.

“We were looking for a special way to debut the album and we wanted to do it live with the band because they were such an integral part of the recording process,” says Wolf Taylor, manager and live producer at Wolf and Rothstein, the band’s management company, who called the event a “one-off to capture VR and debut the record before it was commercially available. We look forward to planning more PHAROS events.”

In December, Childish Gambino debuted a 360-degree video of “Me and Your Mama,” from the new album. The video delivered a preview of the full immersive experience that will be available for fans who buy a special vinyl edition of the album – they’ll get a code to unlock that virtual journey.

“This record, sonically, feels like a perfect blend of past and future. We wanted the vinyl to represent this same aesthetic,” Taylor says.

To get the full effect, download the PHAROS app, on iPhones and Android devices, as well as on Windows 10 mobile. You can also use a virtual reality headset.

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