Star Tracks: ‘Martin’ cast spotted together! Remain TIGHT-LIPPED about a reboot! [vid]



Martin Lawrence, Tisha Campbell-Martin and Tichina Arnold were spotted outside of a ‘Morton Steakhouse’ in L.A. recently amid all the CLAMOR about a possible ‘Martin’ reboot. They were DRILLED by the reporter, but remained TIGHT-LIPPED about any DEFINITE plans for a reboot, but did drop a few HINTS and GEMS! Take a LOOK!



It appears that all is LOVE between the 3 and that old ‘beefs’ are a thing of the past.  From what we gathered here, IF there is a reboot, they all feel that it has to make sense with what’s going on NOW and has to be a good product.  That’s what the fans expect and that’s what an ICONIC show like ‘Martin’ deserves.  So in whatever form, if it comes to FRUITION, we are here for it and are GLAD the cast can still come together and make things happen!


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