5 times when #TishaCampbell was GREAT!! [vids]


Tisha Campbell is a TRIPLE THREAT!  She can sing, she can dance and she can ACT!  There is no DENYING the TALENT of this women.  Campbell is ‘STEEL here’ indeed!  Now with the WORLD in a fever pitch on a possible ‘Martin’ reboot, Campbell-Martin has been THRUST back into the limelight but this time around, we have SOCIAL MEDIA.

Social Media can be a GREAT medium to get your VISION across, and it can also be a WINDOW for CRITICS to PEEK into and try to TEAR YOU DOWN.

A performance clip from ‘Good Day LA’ from a year ago RESURFACED, and some FANS and CRITICS thought the performance was less than DESIRABLE…

BUT WE ALL KNOW that Tisha is an AMAZING performer so we are going to SHOWCASE 5 times when Tisha Campbell was GREAT–in no particular order…


Tisha on ‘Rags to Riches’ performing ‘Dream Maker’

Tisha tackles HIV on ‘A Different World’

Tisha Campbell in ‘School Daze’

Tisha Campbell on ‘Martin’

Tisha Campbell- ‘Push’


Just a REMINDER that Tisha is STEEL HERE.. y’all better put some RESPEK on her name in these STREETS!!




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