#Married2Med season 5 REUNION seating chart REVEALED! Look who are in the 2 HOT SEATS! [pic]



Even though Bravo CONTINUES to put ‘Married To Medicine’ on the WORST night of the week–FRIDAYS–the DRAMA has been SO THICK this season that we can’t WAIT to see the REUNION, RIGHT!?  That’s when all the UP TO DATE drama is revealed!  Although the reunion isn’t until MARCH, we already have the seating ARRANGEMENT!  You know the two HOT SEATS are right next to the HOST with the MOST shady boots, Andy Cohen.  SO TAKE a GANDER at who got the two HOT SEATS this year!!!


Both Dr. Jackie and Dr. Simone take the HOT SEATS again, and BOTH have had their FAIR SHARE of MARITAL STRIFE this season.  And SIMONE just dropped the BOMBSHELL that she filed for DIVORCE from Cecil back in October of 2017!  You KNOW all the HEAT is going to be going her way this time around.  We stillhave a little more season to go before the EXPLOSIVE finale in March, so just HOLD ON and let’s see who else FILES for DIVORCE!

‘Married To Medicine’ airs on FRIDAYS on Bravo!


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