#QueenLatifah CONGRATULATES #MaryJBlige on her HISTORY-MAKING #Oscars nominations! [details]


If you didn’t know by now, Mary J. Blige is ‘kind of a BIG DEAL’. Again in her illustrious career, Mary Jane has made HISTORY! She wrote the theme song, she sang the theme song… she made Oscars history. Blige is nominated for Best Supporting Actress for her portrayal of Florence Jackson, an impoverished farmer’s wife in Mudbound.

The theme song, ‘Mighty River’ was written by Blige with Raphael Saadiq making her a DOUBLE NOMINEE–becoming the first person ever to be nominated for an acting performance and an original song in a single year. ‘River’ is a rallying cry against racial division. One of Blige’s contemporaries was one of the first to congratulate the ‘Real Love’ singer and actress!

Latifah wasn’t the only celeb heaping the well-deserved accolades onto the Queen of Hip Hop Soul, Gabby Sidebe, Viola Davis and Timbaland were among the many that congratulated her:



We would like to CONGRATULATE Mary J. Blige on the BEAUTIFUL performance and on her nomination!  We are rooting for you and everybody else BLACK!  -SMILE-




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