#Ciara is TRENDING for speaking her TRUTH about finding a MAN! Faces some BACKLASH. [details]


It’s FOOTBALL SUNDAY, but it appears that a lot of people are talking about CIARA today!  That’s the SINGER, MOM, that’s  married to this lil guy you may know by the name of RUSSELL WILSON!  She has some HITS and some FAME, and can DANCE her ASS off–remember her..YEAH, that Ciara! (* types in sarcasm*)  But now that we got the intros out the way, Ciara posted something that most would deem UPLIFTING, but a SECTOR of BLACK TWITTER seems to be UP IN ARMS about it… Here is what she said…

Seems simple enough, right?  We are all for LOVING OURSELVES and seeking what we think we deserve out of life? RIGHT?  But some people–the same people who were CHAMPIONING her for living her BEST LIFE right now, seem to be MAD.  Here is what the PEANUT GALLERY is saying:




NOW THAT one I just don’t get?  WHY YOU MAD, sis?

OF COURSE there is a voice of reason in the crowd…MANY including myself APPLAUD what Ciara said:





It seems people don’t want GOOD, SOUND advice..They want excuses to continue to LIVE RATCHET.  Just more excuses to make them feel good about being the SIDE CHICK, or the FOREVER FIANCE..



Y’all better #LevelUp like Ciara said and stop wasting your TIME rapping Cardi B lyrics and eating HOT CHEETOS!

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