#RHOA season 10 midseason tease is HOT! New ‘wives’, Kenya bows out, Marlo & Porsha CLASH, NeNe BREAKS DOWN! [vid]


If you have been following season 10 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta up until now, you may have been a little SLEEPY…. yawning even, but like Remy Ma and Lil’ Kim, the ladies are about to WAKE YOU UP!  The midseason teaser offers up a lot of DRAMA, action and TEARS!  Friends become foes and enemies become allies.  Alibis and crocodile tears are a foot and the ‘FRIENDS’ of the wives enter with a much-needed BOOSTER SHOT of DRAMA.


Shamea and new friend Eva don’t get off to a good start with each other..  NeNe and Kim’s DRAMA spreads like ROACHES…literally, as these clash YET AGAIN!  Kim and Kandi go at it.. Nene breaks down, Kenya reaches her breaking point, and Eva offers up some HOT TEA about Cynthia’s beau, Will!  Who’s ZOOMING WHO??  Marlo and Porsha have a tense moment reminiscent of Porsha and Kenya at the reunion with that sceptre and Kenya maybe throwing in the TOWEL for good!  Take a LOOK!

FINALLY it appears that the season is getting INTERESTING!
THIS is just what the season needed–a boost of FRESH BLOOD! I mean up until now, the season has been for lack of a better word ANEMIC. There have been bits and pieces of entertainment, but they have been few and far between. Bringing back Shamea and Marlo is what’s needed to bring some new stories and some freshness to this cast, and adding Eva should be great too. If anyone remembers her from ANTM, she knows how to star some ISH…ijs. We’ve grown to know Porsha, NeNe, Kandi, Cynthia, and Sheree, we know how they are going to operate, but switching up things and adding new girls is needed. We need more VARIABLES to keep this thing interesting. NeNe needs to stop acting like the QUEEN BEE and do what they paying her millions to do–SHOW OUT and ACT A DONKEY ‘with these girls’ as she loves to say. Kenya get off the POT if you not gonna produce–if you don’t want the cameras to see your husband..well see the door–make room for some new blood. Cynthia…dating Will….hmmm ehh–this aint the dude 4 you–this man has been on all the circuits trying to get that shine–We can see that Eva may spill the TEA on that one.. Sheree–ehh your prison bae telling you all the stuff PRISONERS tell they ladies outside–and u falling for it…thought u were smarter than that.but let the smoke and mirrors continue to entertain us…KANDI was on the frontburner last season but this season you in the crock pot on simmer and you know there is nothing exciting about a crock pot on simmer–AMP IT UP or… You know what happens next. Kim, stop stirring up ISH just for the sake of stirring up. Lying is one thing, but if you have receipts about Kandi, PRESENT THEM, otherwise it appears you just grasping at straws. It appears that NeNe is going to do to Evan what she did to Porsha when she first came on the scene–try to befriend her to make her one of her minions. Tread lightly Eva. Once NeNe turns on you it takes SEASON AFTER SEASON to get back in her good graces. Speaking of which, let’s hope NeNe and Porsha can get past their little roadbloack. It doens’t see that ther is too much between them that a rational conversation can’t fix. But for the most part the rest of the season looks promising because up until now it has been a bit of a snoozer in comparison to that SMOKING season 7—-that was an all time HIGH!


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