#Jarule had time.. Ja-Rule and #50Cent Reignite beef! [details]


You may wonder why Ja Rule is trending today!? Well apparently he HAD TIME today and for whatever reason has reopened his BEEF with 50 Cent recounting an incident where 50 got an order of protection out on him out of FEAR! Does anyone remember this?? Well Ja Rule didn’t stop there, he went on a TWITTER TIRADE calling out his old NEMESIS! This is going to escalate to some HILARIOUS memes, but until then–here is what Ja Rule had to say on social media:

So this is what was the SPARK that reignited this BEEF.

Once Ja got wind of this all hell broke lose on TWITTER!










From the TWEETS one might think he was HACKED, right? I mean they sound quite wreckless… LET’s see where this goes… For the YOUNGSTERS let’s go back to how this FEUD began… ALLEGEDLY 50 Cent claimed that the feud began in 1999 after Ja Rule spotted him with a man who robbed him of his jewelry and also because of Ja Rule “trying to be Tupac”. However, Ja Rule claimed the conflict stemmed from a video shoot in Queens because 50 Cent did not like Ja Rule “getting so much love” from the neighborhood. Just waiting to see what 50 cent says… *UPDATE* 50 APPEARED to clap back a bit with this..


But I am SURE Curtis has MUCH MORE ‘firepower’ in his arsenal he choses to COME BACK even HARDER!


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