#Offset of #Migos ADDRESSES alleged homophobic rap lyrics! [details]


Migos rapper is feeling the STING after some lyrics from a rap song got him into a bit of HOT WATER with the LGBTQ community.

Recently, Offset rapped: ‘I can not vibe with QUEERS’

Now are people being too sensitive?  I mean he is RAPPING, he had to find something to rhyme with ‘solitaire’, right?  I don’t think it was a homophobic jab, but some people seemed to take issue with that leading Offset to have to CLARIFY!

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He probably should’ve have gotten a little help with this one-LOL. The way he said ‘gays’ make it seem like he feels they are a whol other species or something, but I get what he was TRYING to say.  He went on to say:

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This is a little BETTER.  I mean, the whole industry he works in is pretty much DOMINATED by the work and efforts of the GAY community. And all that fashion he so LOVES probably was designed by a GAY PERSON and his STYLIST is or has had some influence from a GAY PERSON, so…. I am sure he will keep that in mind the next time he is jotting down some rap lyrics on the back of a Waffle House napkin.



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