#PresidentTrump spends #MLKDAY golfing! [details]


It appears that Donald Trump had BETTER things to do on a day of SERVICE that is #MLKDAY–GOLF!

[via CNN]
Washington (CNN)President Donald Trump appears poised to ignore his own calls for Americans to mark Martin Luther King Jr. Day with “acts of civic work and community service.”

Trump is not scheduled to partake in any service projects on the federal holiday he and every other US president have designated as a “day of service” since 1994. Instead, he arrived Monday morning at his golf club in West Palm Beach, Florida. The only event on the public schedule released daily by the White House is the flight that will take him back to Washington in the afternoon.

Trump’s noticeably blank public schedule Monday comes as he continued to beat back accusations of racism for referring to countries in Africa as “shithole countries” and rejecting immigration from the African continent and Haiti in favor of immigrants from Norway during a meeting with lawmakers. His reported comments were confirmed by both a Republican senator and Democratic senator present, but Trump has denied making the disparaging remarks.
Trump rejected the criticism on Sunday night, telling reporters that he is the “least racist person you have ever interviewed.”

If you have to say it, and defend it, you probably are. IJS. But remember how OFTEN he criticized former President Obama about his GOLFING…In case you don’t remember, let’s REVISIT that here.

How soon we forget the words from our own MOUTHS…


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