#Wale TEASES new music with #JCole! [vid]


Remember not too long ago back in 2016, there seemed to be a possible BEEF brewing between Wale and J. Cole?  Well it could’ve been all in Wale’s head, but let me set the stage before we talk about this POSSIBLE new collaboration between the two…

It was December 2016, Cole had dropped the track ‘False Prophets’. On the track, Cole rapped about a friend who always complained about his place in the rap game. Remember Wale was going through a similar plight, so he took ISSUE with these bars thinking they were aimed at him. After the track is released in J. Cole’s ‘All Eyez On Me’ documentary, Wale ‘clapped’ back on his track, ‘Groundhog Day’ where he rapped:

“I know since I got my deal and his shit got real, I ain’t been the easiest ni**a to deal with,” he said on the response track. “I’m heavily flawed, but far from a false prophet.”

That blew over quickly and didn’t escalate into anything and the two were seen around at the same events and even collaborated on songs together. So to FURTHER silence and rumor about any BEEF, fast forward to 2018 and now it appears that the two are working on MORE new music together. Wale teased the collab on Instagram. Take a LOOK and LISTEN!

@wale and #JCole in the studio previewing new music. 👀

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No word on where these ‘NEW VIBES’ will LAND, but be on the LOOK OUT for something SOON! We will keep you posted…


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