#Nelly RAPE case evidence RELEASED! Nelly Mo hit it RAW! Offered accuser 25k!


Rapper Nelly’s RAPE CASE was dismissed late last year, but the evidence from said case was just recently released and the DETAILS from the event will SHOCK you!

The Auburn police CLOSED the case after the alleged victim refused to cooperate.  Sources say she felt she was not going to be able to overcome Nelly’s star status and had no chance to win the case.  Nelly’s team in turn threatened litigation against her for defamation. Fast forward past all of that TMZ was able to get an account of the night the alleged rape happened and the sordid details are quite GRAPHIC to say the least.

According to TMZ, the surveillance videos collected in evidence showed Monique Greene leaving the club where the two met. The footage also showed her getting on the tour bus, as well as leaving the bus to call the police.


While Nelly claimed their encounter was consensual, he admitted to not using a condom. However, he did say he did not ejaculate. He also accused Greene of getting upset after finding out Nelly was also involved with one of his dancers–one of which was present with Ms. Greene and Nelly at the time of the alleged rape.

Monique had a different account of what went down. She told authorities that Nelly raped her and during said rape he said, “you’re gonna take this d*ck.” She also claimed the encounter lasted 30 minutes, during which he also exclaimed, “That’s my p*ssy.” Greene also told officials that the ‘Country Grammar’ rapper offered her $2,500 to stay on the bus until they reached their destination, but she refused the cash, prompting him to throw $100’s at her. However, according to TMZ, Nelly claims he handed her the cash. At least he was a gentleman and put the cash in her hands. WHO SAID CHIVALRY was dead?

So who do you believe!?? Well the case is closed, but the DETAILS alone make a great GROUPIE TALE for the ages, right!? Right.


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