#MarkWahlberg DONATES his 1.5 milli reshoot money to #TimesUp for #MichelleWilliams! [details]


By now you all have heard of Mark Wahlberg’s HEFTY 1.5 million payday to RESHOOT scenes for the upcoming flick, ‘All The Money In The World’.  You may have also heard that his co-star, Michelle Williams got a measly FRACTION of what he earned for her reshoots. Let’s break this down. Mark Wahlberg’s agent was able to negotiate a HUGE fee in order to return to the film, landing a $1.5 million bonus which came up to about 10 extra days of shooting. Meanwhile, USA Today says that Wahlberg’s co-star Michelle Williams wasn’t told about the fee, and she was only given an $80 per diem that came out to be less than $1,000. In other words she made less than 1 percent of what Wahlberg made during the reshoots.

Fans and critics screamed BLOODY MURDER about the pay disparity between men and women and mostly ATTACKED Wahlberg. Williams and Wahlberg are both represented by WME–by different agents– shouldn’t the fault be at the feet of the agents negotiating the deals? But moving along. After much chatter and debate, Walhberg made a decision. He will be giving the entire paycheck to Time’s Up, as a donation in Williams’ name.


So all’s well that ends well, right! Wahlberg looks like a stand-up guy for his donation and he gets to right that off on his taxes this year, thus making the money back anyways while still looking good in the court of public opinion. Seems like a ‘win/win’ situation, right!? Right.


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