WATCH: #JCole INTERVIEWS #LilPump! [vid]

This ACTUALLY happened… J. Cole sat down with Lil’ Pump and interviewed him!  As we all know the two have had a pretty PUBLIC feud with other for some time now.. SO this COMES as a BIG step PAST all that beef.  The HISTORICAL sit-down took place in J. Cole’s N.C. studio, ‘The Sheltuh’. Continue reading WATCH: #JCole INTERVIEWS #LilPump! [vid]


NEW MUSIC: #YG ‘Big Bank’ feat. #2Chainz #BigSean & #NickiMinaj [audio]


MUSTARD on the BEAT!  This DUO cranks out nothing but HITS–Dj Mustard on the TRACK and YG on wax on ‘Big Bank’!  West Coaster YG has another BANGER for the Summer and enlisted a little help from some HIP HOP heavyweights–2 Chainz, Big Sean and Nicki Minaj to be exact!  On this LATEST BOP, Y.G. boasts about all the MONEY MOVES he’s been making…even name drops Colin Kaepernick!  Nicki offers a RUMOR-ROUSING verse as well (We’ll speak on that shortly).  TAKE A LISTEN!
Continue reading NEW MUSIC: #YG ‘Big Bank’ feat. #2Chainz #BigSean & #NickiMinaj

FAX THE INVOICE! #PushaT & #Drake BEEFIN’ and sending each other INVOICES! [details]


This is TOO good not to post about.  Pusha T dropped off his LATEST album ‘Daytona’ and on one SONG ‘Infared’, Pusha insinuates that Drake has a GHOSTwriter in the name of Quentin Miller.  You may remember back when Meek Mill and Drake were BEEFIN’, Meek said that Miller what the WRITER behind Drake’s hits including “Started From the Bottom” and their Dreams Worth More Than Money collaboration “R.I.C.O.”

So of course Drake had to SPEAK on it on his CLAP BACK, ‘Duppy Freestyle’. Pusha T KINDA claps back with this: Continue reading FAX THE INVOICE! #PushaT & #Drake BEEFIN’ and sending each other INVOICES! [details]

NEW VIDEO: #LilMama ‘Shoe Game’ [vid]


Lil’ Mama has been gone from the music scene for a LITTLE while taking her stab at ACTING and such, but she is BACK!  In her LATEST, Lil Mama FLEXES about her ‘Shoe Game’.  The song is not so much about the COST of the EXPENSIVE must  haves, but the COSTS she has paid to get where she is TODAY!  I like this BOP– take a LISTEN! Continue reading NEW VIDEO: #LilMama ‘Shoe Game’ [vid]

NEW MUSIC: #PushaT ‘Infared’ [audio]


So this is the SONG that re-ignited the BEEF.  Take a LISTEN to Pusha T’s ‘Infared’ below! Continue reading NEW MUSIC: #PushaT ‘Infared’

NEW MUSIC: #Drake CLAPS BACK at #PushT with ‘Duppy Freestyle’ [audio]

Miss a MINUTE you miss A LOT.  I meant to post this yesterday.. but I ‘laid across the bed’ for a lil’ nap, then that turned into a 6 hour SLEEP!  Well let’s go.  Pusha T dropped his hotly anticipated Kanye-helmed album. “Daytona’ yesterday and on one song there are some BARS about Drake!  On ‘Infared’, Pusha insinuates that Drake had a GHOSTWRITER. Of course Drake claps back QUICK.. but get into this:
Continue reading NEW MUSIC: #Drake CLAPS BACK at #PushT with ‘Duppy Freestyle’

Diced PEACHES? #RHOA season 11 casting news! #KenyaMoore PEACH SNATCHED!? Check out the NEW PEACHES testing! [vid]



IT appears there is some CASTING about going on over at ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ season 11.  We already REPORTED that Sheree Whitfield was not asked back for the upcoming season.  SAD but oh well…HOPEFULLY Chateau Sheree is PAID OFF….

But appears that another PEACH has been snatched…Kenya Moore! And some NEW ‘PEACHES’ are being TESTED!  Here are the EXCLUSIVE details we have so far. Continue reading Diced PEACHES? #RHOA season 11 casting news! #KenyaMoore PEACH SNATCHED!? Check out the NEW PEACHES testing! [vid]

#MorganFreeman LOSES endorsements amid SEXUAL MISCONDUCT allegations! [details]


It pains me to have to write about another BLACK man that is LOSING his SHINE due to sexual misconduct allegations.  Pioneering actor, Morgan Freeman is the latest to be ACCUSED.

Continue reading #MorganFreeman LOSES endorsements amid SEXUAL MISCONDUCT allegations! [details]

WAKE UP JAM: #Clipse ‘When The Last Time’ feat. #Pharrell [vid]



We all ON Pusha T’s ‘Daytona’ but lest we forget the HUGE GROUP of Clipse!  ‘When The Last Time’ we heard MUSIC like THIS!?  The early 2000’s were so DOPE!! Continue reading WAKE UP JAM: #Clipse ‘When The Last Time’ feat. #Pharrell [vid]

STREAM: #PushaT ‘Daytona’ [album stream]


We’ve been WAITING and now it’s HERE!  Pusha T has dropped the HIGHLY-ANTICIPATED Kanye-helmed ‘Daytona’!!! The ‘FLAWLESS’ album as Pusha T TOUTS, features, Yeezy of course, Rick Ross and a few SURPRISES!

STREAM it BELOW!! Continue reading STREAM: #PushaT ‘Daytona’ [album stream]

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